What Are Clitoris Clamps and Should You Use One?

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Everyone heard of nipple clamps and how they can make everything more exciting. But did you know you can get clamps for your clitoris as well? More and more women are willing to try out something new, and if you are one of them, you might enjoy these toys.

Similarity Between Clitoris and Nipple Clamps

Before we explain how they are similar, we should explain what clitoris clamps actually are. While they might seem scary to inexperienced people, their goal is to provide pleasure. That’s right — clitoral clamps aren’t used as a punishment, but as a way to intensify orgasms. The idea behind both types of clamps is the same — they will pinch or squeeze to restrict blood flow.

After a bit, you will release the clamp, and by doing so, restore the blood flow to the area. The whole process of restricting and allowing blood flow is what creates pleasure.

Naturally, the main difference between the nipple and clitoris clamps is in the body part you will use them on. The latter will gently pinch the clitoral hood, while the nipple clamps, obviously, won’t.

Clamps are a pretty good toy for foreplay, and you can even wear them on a date. It can be a naughty secret between you and your partner. However, if you plan on using the clamps for a longer period, you should loosen them to avoid completely restricting blood flow.

Why Is It a Good Accessory for Foreplay?

There is no doubt that clit clamps are a great foreplay accessory. While they are not among the most popular toys for women, many enjoy the sensation that comes with them. Once you put them on, you will have your hands free to do whatever you like. Similarly to butt plugs, you can enjoy giving or receiving oral while wearing genital clamps. Yes, some people call them that, and no, it is not an STD.

If you hear someone talk about how they have genital clamps, you should be filled with joy, not fear.

But back to foreplay. Once you remove the clamps, blood will flow back into the clitoris. As a result, it will be more swollen and quite sensitive. You can also play with your clitoris while wearing the clamp, but the feeling will be much better once you remove the toy.

It is a great way to increase pleasure and spice things up. Naturally, once you remove the toy, you’ll enjoy having a sexy time with your partner. Clitoral jewelry is becoming more and more popular, and some so many satisfied users enjoy using them.

How to Use Clitoris Clamps Properly?

Knowing how to use a sex toy properly is the most crucial part of the process. As we all know, toys stimulate rather sensitive parts of our body, and the last thing you need is to have an injury down there.

So, how to use clit clamps? If you are inexperienced, you should be careful. Many people recommend starting slow, like pinching your earlobe or finger to understand better what you can expect. Once you get used to the clamp’s power, you can try it on more sensitive areas.

But that’s not all. Before you start using a clit clip in the right area, you need to ensure that it is aroused. You can always use a vibrator or manual stimulation, and if you are with a partner, oral sex is a great choice. As the situation heats up, you can proceed to place the clamps on your private parts. Firstly, put it on the labia and the base of the clitoris or the clitoral hood. Some women enjoy using clitoris pumps to ensure everything is ready for the clamps.

As you continue playing with yourself (or with your partner), you will experience a rush of increased sensation. That is the moment when you should remove the clamp. Moreover, always remove it before you climax to ensure that you get the most of it. You can always try to time your orgasm with the release of the clamps and blood rush.

The only thing you should remember is to use it carefully and never leave it on for too long. You don’t want to restrict blood flow for too long and cause any injury. When buying clitoris clamps, you may also seek for the advice of the store on how to use them properly. On the other hand, if you are buying one from an online store like lovegasm, it is wise to always read the product description, as well as the recommendations on how to use them properly.

Different Clitoris Clamp Designs Available on the Market

As you can probably imagine, there are so many different clamps available on the market. Since each of us is different, you might need to experiment a bit to find the perfect one.

If you enjoy using clamps, you can always get a two-in-one solution. Some models offer both nipple and clitoris clamps in one, and they are shaped like the letter Y. You can wear them under your clothes, and they look quite sexy.

However, if you want real clitoral jewelry, you can always get something with extra weight. Some clamps have metal beads on the bottom, which make them look quite exquisite.

Furthermore, companies just love putting vibrators in every sex toy, and clamps are not left behind. For all of those feeling adventurous, they can get models with vibrators to enjoy unforgettable, hands-free experiences. And if you wish for more, you can always use the second clamp on your nipples or labia.

Finally, you can find small and simple clamps that are similar to regular nose clips. They are easy to use and will give your clit some fantastic spot stimulation.