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"Wow! What a great box you sent- I'm am so excited and happy to try all the items! I will telling all my friends about this! Thanks again, I can't wait till the next!"


"I just wanted to let you know that I received my box the other day and think you will have a great success on your hands!"

"I told a local family centre owner about your superb customer service and innovative product and hopefully she will share the information with other mothers. She holds a weekly free breastfeeding support group and I told her I think it would be an invaluable resource for new moms, especially since the boxes were so specific."

"Looking forward to future boxes!"


"I got my first package today and I could not have been more thrilled... I was even more thrilled opening it! Totally worth the money and all the knowledge it came with made me and my fiance feel more at ease. Every little bit helps. I not only enjoyed the products but the information in there. I have been so worried that I was going to get dumped with information on the day of delivery but I feel like with this box it has helped me. I cannot wait to receive the next one. It's totally brilliant and such an exciting service to receive. Thank you so much to those who put all the hard work into it."


"Thank you also for the 16 minute club kit. Somehow, it manages to pack a ton of really helpful information into very few words. This is perfect for me, because I would not find time to read it if it required lengthy reading. I was just reading up on teething today, since we are experiencing some potential symptoms prematurely. I felt very vindicated as I read, because the descriptions confirmed my mother's intuition that she is indeed teething, even though she is a couple months early. I know I will continue to enjoy having this information and support."