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Workout Wednesday: Finding The Right Gym

Posted by Danielle Gallagher on

So, you’ve finally decided to join a gym? It’s actually a pretty big deal; some gyms come with high price tags and long contracts. Finding the right gym can be overwhelming. To help you decide which gym to join, here are a few tips.

  • Free Trial

You should never have to commit to a gym without a free trial. Take advantage of the free trial period the gym offers and check out one or two of their classes. Make sure the facility is a right fit for you before you pay any money.

  • The Contract

Different gyms have different contracts. Some tie you in for one, two, even three years. Others offer a flexible month-to-month option. Likewise, some require a hefty deposit or membership fee up front while others have none. Make sure you’re aware of all the details before you make a final decision.

  • The Babysitting

Not all gyms offer babysitting services, but some do. And they are not all created equally. Babysitting is definitely a bonus, but ask for a walk-through of the childcare facility. Be sure to ask when the busiest time of day is for childcare, and peek in on the facility during those hours. Being able to workout knowing your little one is happily playing a few feet away is a great feeling.

  • The Perks

All moms deserve to be spoiled! Look into the perks of being a gym member. Do they have a hot tub and sauna? Are the locker rooms luxurious? Is there a lounge area for you to unwind and remind yourself of the days when you actually had alone time?

  • The Facility

You can tell a lot about how a gym based on the facility. Even if you’re not interested in cardio equipment, take a look at the machines. Are they run-down and broken, or newer well-maintained? Look for staff members at work cleaning the equipment; that’s always a good sign.

Most importantly, choose a gym that makes you feel at home. The more you like it, the more you’ll enjoy working out!

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