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Workout Wednesday: An Awesome Arm-Toning Circuit

Posted by Danielle Gallagher on

After you’ve given birth, your abs might not be up for getting in a killer workout for awhile. And there’s no need to rush things- not when you can do this awesome arm toning circuit! All you need is a resistance band, a door anchor, and a little space. If you don’t have a door anchor for your band, it’s a very worthwhile attachment that really makes a difference in your workouts.

Start with a quick warm-up of jumping jacks and jogging in place. Once your heart rate is up, grab your band and get to work. Repeat the circuit 3-5 times.

Bicep Curl

Stand on the middle of the resistance band with both feet. Grab the ends with both hands, palms outward. Then do alternating bicep curls for 8-12 reps each arm (so 16-24 total).

If your band is too tight or too short, you can do curls with your left arm only first for 8-12 reps, then your right arm only.

Overhead Extension

For this exercise use a door strap attachment or elastic band.  Go down on your right knee and grab the ends of the band with each hand. Put your hands just behind your head, palms facing one another, and elbows bent. Without moving your elbows, straighten your arms so your arms are over your heard. Slowly, bend your elbows so they are back to the starting position.

Do 4-6 of these with your right knee on the ground, then do 4-6 kneeling on your left.

Chest Press

Keeping the band anchored in the door at chest-level, grab both ends of the band with each hand. You should be facing away from the door. Hold the band with your palms down and just in front of your chest. Stand far enough from the door that you feel tension.

Step back with your left leg and keep it anchored. Press your hands straight forward at the same time until your elbows are no longer bent. Bring your arms back slowly. Repeat this 4-6 times, then switch your stance to have your right leg back and repeat 4-6 times.

Then, you’re done! Stretch, rest, and recover.

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