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Trimester Thursday: Breastfeeding During Pregnancy - Third Trimester

Trimester Thursday: Breastfeeding During Pregnancy - Third Trimester

by Natalie Cassell

A year ago

Even though my milk supply started decreasing as soon as I entered the second trimester, I still hoped to continue breastfeeding my toddler. Unfortunately, I dried up completely and dry breastfeeding was too painful for me. I took comfort in the fact that many women experience a return of their milk supply in the third trimester. Indeed, I’ve been having an achy, heavy feeling in my breasts as I approach 26 week, and I was excited to realize this week that my colostrum had already returned. I never produced colostrum before 37 weeks with my earlier pregnancies. So, I’m taking this as a sign that bringing in my milk and breastfeeding my newborn will be easier. Maybe.

However, even with my colostrum coming in, my breasts are still extremely sensitive and pumping is too uncomfortable. I had really hoped to give breastfeeding a try again in the third trimester, but I just can’t bring myself to do it right now or see myself doing it in the future. That might change later, but for now just thinking about it is unpleasant. `

Don’t let my experience discourage you though! Many women continue breastfeeding through their entire pregnancy – pain or no pain. The good news is, despite the discomfort, it is safe to do. If you have a low risk pregnancy and want to continue breastfeeding, go for it! The risks are very low. When I was looking into breastfeeding during pregnancy, I worried about causing contractions during late pregnancy as my body readied itself for labor. However, preterm labor is unlikely to be caused by breastfeeding during a healthy pregnancy. Of course, if you notice a lot of painful cramping or contractions, talk to your doctor. They may or may not be related to breastfeeding, but it’s always best to let your doctor know if you are having them. If your doctor gives you the okay, carry on. I applaud your commitment mamas!

As for me, I will be waiting to see what the third trimester will bring.


Hi readers! I’m Natalie, writer and mom of two. I am so excited to join The 16 Minute Club’s new blog, and I look forward to sharing my experiences with you. My pudgy breastfed baby, Jackson, is 8 months old and looks like he subsists on whipping cream. You would never know he was once “failing to thrive.” Breastfeeding has certainly had its ups and downs. Like most moms, I spend my days wavering between maternal bliss and horrification at some of the realities of motherhood. After my first child, I was sure I had things figured out. I just knew breastfeeding would be easier with my second. But the truth is that every baby is different, and they each present new challenges. Sometimes they even present the same challenges, but require different solutions.


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