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Mom Monday: Soothing Baby Rashes

Mom Monday:  Soothing Baby Rashes

by Wendy Wright

2 months ago

Watching your baby cry from a rash is heart-wrenching. Our first daughter suffered from severe diaper rash and eczema. After trying almost every cream and lotion available, we finally found what worked best for our daughter. Once we began using these products, I regretted the time and money spent on products that did not work! From one mom to another, here is my family’s three favorite products for rashes.

Bag balm: Originally made for cow utters, it’s magic for your baby’s bum. My mom and grandmother swore by it. When I found it, I was a little taken back that the directions were for a COW and not a BABY. But, mother (and grandmother) knows best! After one day of using, my little girl’s raw bum was almost completely healed!

Coconut oil: A favorite in our family. We use this stuff for everything, but in particular skin and diaper rash. Our girls both had/have eczema. This rash leaves red patches on their soft skin that can be very itchy. If they itch, the areas become more inflamed and crack. Lotions and creams on eczema made my children scream—in turn causing me to cry with them. Coconut oil, however, both moisturizes your baby’s skin and soothes the itching. You should also put a spoon full of coconut oil in your child’s bath to keep moisture in their skin. Coconut oil is our second favorite treatment for diaper rash following bag balm.

Baking Powder: Just a little baking powder in the baby bath can help soothe your child’s skin. Baking powder in the bath will also help if your child is experiencing irritation in the diaper area. As they get older they will be able to communicate irritation to you better. Ask your doctor how much baking powder they recommend for your child’s age.

My advice, try these products first. If you are not noticing improvement of your child’s skin within 2 days, contact your doctor. Your child may need a medicated ointment to heal their rash. The most important thing when dealing with sensitive skin is to stay on top of treatment! Be consistent about using what works for your child and stay positive. You will help your baby get through this!


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