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Mom Monday: Every Child is Unique

Mom Monday:  Every Child is Unique

by Emily Newbold

A year ago

Newborns all seem about the same. They cry, poop, eat, and that’s about all. Around three months, people will start asking if your baby is rolling over yet, and around seven months they are wondering if your baby is crawling. These questions, although well intended, can cause you to worry if your baby hasn’t started to do these things.

Our first daughter was larger than life. She was ready to take on the world and wanted everyone to know it. When we had playdates with other babies her age, their moms would say things like, “I can’t believe she’s already *fill in the blank*!” I didn’t know how to respond. The last thing I wanted was my friend to feel worried because her baby wasn’t doing a certain skill mine was.

Then our second daughter arrived. Since the day she was born, she has been rather calm. Her wide eyes watch the world around her. In many ways she is like her sister and in many ways she is not. Both girls have the same cute nose, but different colors of hair. One will eat anything, the other is a picky eater. Our first started talking before a year and the second is just picking up a couple words at 16 months.

Celebrate your child’s accomplishments as they come and encourage them as you go. As long as your pediatrician isn’t concerned, allow your child the time they need to learn a new skill. Understanding your child’s temperament also gives you an insight to what their personality might be as they grow. It held true with our first! She has been loud and in charge since day one, and to this day likes to be the center of attention. Our second is much quieter and truly enjoys to simply snuggle and watch her big sister entertain.

If your mind starts to worry, give your child’s pediatrician a call. Remember, there are no silly questions!


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