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Fashion Friday: Summer Shade

Posted by Heather Aulisio on

Some days in the summer, the last thing you have on your mind is looking glamorous, especially when it’s 90 degrees outside. You can keep cool and look cool by upping your shade-worthy accessories. Read on to learn how!

Donne a Straw Hat

In my opinion, there is nothing more chic looking than wearing an oversized, floppy straw hat. It’s great for the beach, cool by the pool, ideal for a brunch with the ladies, and even fantastic for fun, family activities. Plus, if you need to nurse, you can get some coverage by tipping your hat and head downward!

Live in a Cover Up

After I had my son, I honestly felt hot all the time (mainly due to hormones that were still surging). And, since he was born in the midst of summer, the fewer clothes I had on, the better. So, I did just that! I rocked out in a maternity suit (so I could also nurse with ease) and tossed on a light weight, fun (and fashionable) cover up. My days were much cooler and my summer style was no fuss!



Sizzle in Shades


Because I wasn’t getting a lot of sleep, my eyes were especially sensitive to light. Shades are the best summer accessory because they always fit. They keep your look fresh, and can be fun to wear. Consider adding some colored or patterned shades into your rotation!


Slather on Sunscreen

The most important accessory in my book is sunscreen. And, because I was nursing and more aware of the importance of using organic ingredients, I totally fell in love with Blue Lizard organic sunscreen. I never burned and I never even felt like I was wearing it! Blue Lizard is featured in our Sun & Fun box - on sale while supplies lats! 


Sweat-proof Headband

Let’s be honest. I rarely did my hair during hot summer months. I was lucky if I could sneak in a shower while caring for my newborn (trust me; a dip in the pool did the trick on super crazy days!). So, my last must have accessory for summer and in order to keep cool as a cucumber is a sweat-proof headband. It makes any up-do look cuter and keeps the sweat in check!


Showcase the right accessories this summer in order to look great, but most importantly feel great.

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