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Fashion Friday: Five Items That Instantly Make You Look Pulled Together

Posted by Wendy Wright on

Let’s face it. As moms, some days are better than others. Some days you have all the time in the world to shower, shave, and make yourself look totally fierce. And well, on other days, you’re lucky if you brush your teeth. But, I found on the days that I’m pressed for time, tired, or utterly stressed; I can put on one of my go to items and feel confident that I look polished and pulled together, even when I’m feeling like a total train wreck. Here are my five favorite fashion items that will fool everyone into thinking you’re completely collected.


You may be cringing, thinking that you aren’t living in 1950. But, let me tell you, a simple strand of pearls can really rock your world. I always add them to a plain white t, bright colored cardigan, and boot cut jeans for some easy added elegance.


Again, you might think I’m crazy, but nothing looks more chic than a pair of opaque stockings under a skirt or dress. Yes, they take a little extra effort to put on and pull down, but when I’m in a pinch, I slide them on under a textured mini and pop on a pair of suede booties, and I get tons of compliments (and no one notices my hair hasn’t been washed yet).

Tunic and Cropped Jacket

I wear tunics for pure comfort and coverage with a pair of basic black leggings. But, when I need to run a few errands, I put on a cute, cropped jacket on top. The more colorful, fitted, and even textured; the better. You get added style in one second flat!

Layers of Necklaces

I can wear the most basic t-shirt, sweater, blouse, or knit top. But, when I add a few layers of pendant necklaces, I look ultra-posh and pulled together. I like to wear different lengths of necklaces to really offset one another. They also decorate my neckline in a delicate way!

Over-the-boot Sock

Riding boots paired with skinny jeans? A no brainer. But, you can purchase over the book socks, which adds another layer and some texture to your casual look. These warm, cozy, cable knit socks are sold in a small piece that creates an illusion that you have a full sock underneath your boots. Just slide up your calf before putting on your boots and allow them to play peek-a-boo over the top!

You don’t have to have a lot of time, money, or patience to look awesome. Just a few key items can take you from drab to fab!

Submitted by Heather Aulislo.


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