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Fashion Friday: Fast Forward to Fall Fashion!

Posted by Heather Aulisio on

Taking care of a baby is a lot of work, not to mention; it takes up a lot of your time. While you may not be able to get out and score all the new fall fashion items, you can do some online shopping to stock up on a few key trends. Read on to learn what you should be keeping your eyes peeled for, for the upcoming season!

  1. Pumpkin Tones

Look for gorgeous pumpkin colored items when updating your wardrobe-think more pumpkin spice (a reddish orange), rather than a bright and basic Halloween pumpkin color. Top designers are sending their girls down the runway wearing pumpkin toned everything; from coats, to sweaters, and dresses.

  1. Deconstructed Denim

One of my favorite trends (and also the easiest to wear), is deconstructed denim. Your jeans will get a total update from this patchwork-inspired look. You can dress them down by pairing them with a plain white tee when hanging around the house. Or, you can va-voom them up for a date night by pairing them with a pair of heels and a shoulder cut out top!

  1. Lots of Leopard

You may think you can’t pull off leopard, but I’m here to tell you that you totally can. You just have to find a spotted item that is in your comfort zone. If you’re more daring, pick up a leopard pea coat. If you’re not so into taking a walk on the wild side, consider picking up a purse that has some spots featured on it. These spots are not only fun, they are ultra-fashionable.

  1. Booties

Sadly ladies, it’s time to keep the riding boots in your closet. After nearly a decade, these stylish boots are taking a backseat to booties. Shop for open or closed toe booties that have a chunky wedge to give your legs (and rear) some lift and definition. Plus, they look adorable when paired with a skirt or tapered pair of fitted jeans!

When you get a break to shop around or surf your favorite fashion sites, be sure to keep these four trends in mind for a fashionable fall!

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