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Mom Monday: 5 Reasons I Should Quit Breastfeeding

Mom Monday:  5 Reasons I Should Quit Breastfeeding

by Natalie Cassell

A year ago

1. Sleep:   At 9 months, my baby boy still isn’t sleeping through the night. I am exhausted. He wakes up two or three times. Sometimes more. Surely, if I switch to formula, he will start sleeping through the night. Right?

2. Time:  I wouldn’t have to sit for endless pumping and nursing sessions when I could be doing something else. I feel like I’m failing at the motherhood juggling act.

3. Convenience:  It would be so much easier to give him a bottle when we are out and about. We live an hour from everything. I don’t always have breast milk in the freezer, and pulling over to breastfeed him is frustrating.

4. Frustration:  Jackson cannot sit still. If he isn’t kicking me while he nurses, he is pinching me. No joke. I have bruises on my arms where he pinches my skin. I feel like breastfeeding is just one bad phase after another. Why am I torturing myself?

5.  Weight:  I can’t lose weight while breastfeeding. I couldn’t with my daughter (breastfed for 6 months), and I haven’t this time. My once athletic body now feels like a fat blob tied to a chair for half of each day.

Bonus Reason: I want to quit… But… 

5 Reasons I Shouldn’t Quit Breastfeeding

1.  Sleep:  In my logical (less sleep-deprived) mind, I know he will start sleeping through the night when he is developmentally ready. The truth is formula won’t suddenly make him sleep through the night. In a fit desperation, I tried it once. It didn’t work.

2.  Time:  It would only save me a small amount a time. I would still need to sit and feed him.

3.  Convenience. I did formula for 6 months with my daughter. When you are out, you have to worry about spoiled milk, warming bottles, or finding clean water to make a new bottle. Often, part of a bottle gets wasted, and formula is expensive. What is more convenient than pulling down my tank and feeding my baby (for free) on the go?

4.  Frustration. Of course, I prefer not to be pinched, but it is a phase. Giving him a small blanket to play with is a quick remedy. Sometimes a nursing session must be promptly ended to get the message across. More often, breastfeeding saves me a lot of frustration. Bedtimes are easier, because he is calm and relaxed after nursing. If he is upset or hurt, he likes to nurse for comfort, and he is instantly soothed.

5.  Weight:  This is the probably my silliest reason for wanting to quit breastfeeding. I want to lose the baby weight, and I will. But this season of my life is a short one. There is plenty of time ahead for losing the baby weight.

Bonus Reason: I really don’t want to quit. My reasons for quitting are all temporary frustrations, while the benefits of breastfeeding are long term. Most importantly, nothing can replace those moments when he smiles sweetly up at me, completely content.


Hi readers! I’m Natalie, writer and mom of two. I am so excited to join The 16 Minute Club’s new blog, and I look forward to sharing my experiences with you. My pudgy breastfed baby, Jackson, is 8 months old and looks like he subsists on whipping cream. You would never know he was once “failing to thrive.” Breastfeeding has certainly had its ups and downs. Like most moms, I spend my days wavering between maternal bliss and horrification at some of the realities of motherhood. After my first child, I was sure I had things figured out. I just knew breastfeeding would be easier with my second. But the truth is that every baby is different, and they each present new challenges. Sometimes they even present the same challenges, but require different solutions.


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