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Stay in Your Regular Clothes Longer! A Few Tips and Tricks to How I Put Off Maternity Ware (And How You Can Too!)

Posted by Heather Aulisio on

When I first found out that I was pregnant, I was not only happy, but extremely surprised. Not surprised to actually learn I was having a baby, but surprised at how expensive everything baby related is! So, I made it a point to save in one area-maternity ware. A self-confessed fashion-holic; I knew I could put together some awesome outfits with a little help from a belly band, and with a lot of creativity. If you want to skip buying a whole new wardrobe, read on to learn some of my tips and tricks so you can stay in your regular clothes, longer.

Tip One-Wear Maxi Dresses…A Lot!

I was literally in a maxi dress almost every day at work until about a few weeks before giving birth. Maxi dresses are great to wear because they are often cut in an empire waist, which cinches above your tummy, rather than around it. Did I mention they are also long (great to cover puffy ankles), flowing, and sophisticated (pregnant women still need to feel stylish!). I often took turns pairing it with a jean jacket, cardigan, or blazer; and added statement necklaces for that extra wow factor. Sandals always go great with maxi dresses, but I was pregnant over the fall and winter. So, I rocked out my dresses in my favorite booties, flats, and riding boots. And to be honest, on the days when my feet were killing me, I wore a pair of comfortable fashion sneakers. No one was really able to see them; which is another reason I love maxi dresses during pregnancy.

Tip Two-Invest in a Belly Band

I owe everything to my belly band. Literally a miracle accessory; I picked one up on sale (you can find them everywhere) for under fifteen dollars! They come in all colors (I had a white one) and they fit all kinds of bodies and baby bumps because they can stretch incredibly and fold over for added support. I wore almost all of my regular pants well into my second and even the beginning of my third trimester.  Simply leave your button and/or zipper undone, and slide the band over top of them. It feels odd at first, but I am living proof that my pants never slid down, and no one ever noticed that I was wearing one because it looks like a white undershirt is peeking out from the bottom of your blouses.

Tip Three-Accessories are Your Friend!

So if you are pinching your pennies like I was, it really didn’t matter to me that only a handful of items fit me at the end of my pregnancy. In fact, I don’t think anyone ever noticed because I really relied on my accessories to transform my look. One day I wore a colorful infinity scarf, while the other day I wore a shiny statement necklace or a cute fedora with one of my many notorious maxi dresses. The key is to have fun with your look and use accessories to play up your mood and give you lots of styling options.

So, these three tips became my daily pregnancy mantra. Eventually, I did have to buy a pair or maternity work pants and leggings, but that was well into my third trimester. It is possible to feel fabulous and look fashionable in the clothes you are already comfortable in. Try these three tips to stay in your current wardrobe longer!

My name is Heather.  In addition to being a writer and mom to my 13 month old son, Matthew; I am an elementary teacher. I also have a deep love for fashion and think that all moms can look and feel their best because it's important to take care of ourselves so we can take the best care of our little ones!

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