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Mom Monday: 5 Tips and Tricks while Nursing at Night

Mom Monday:  5 Tips and Tricks while Nursing at Night

by Wendy Wright

2 months ago

Nursing can be difficult and intimidating—especially when you haven’t had previous experience. When I had my first daughter I thought, “Just stick her on the boob and she’ll eat.” However, it didn’t happen that way and I felt defeated. With a nudge of encouragement, I sought out help and successfully was able to continue nursing.

Night nursing can bring its own challenges. Like how on earth are you supposed to take care of a baby when you are a walking mommy zombie? Through trial and error, and the advice of many nursing moms before me, I have compiled a list of my 5 best night nursing tips to keep you sane.

5 Tips for Nursing at Night

  1. Be prepared. Efficiency is key. Before you go to bed, make sure you have everything you’ll need for the night. Keep a basket by your bed containing these items:
    • Diapers
    • Wipes
    • Change of clothes (for baby)
    • Burp cloth
    • Water bottle (for you)
    • Anything else you end up using at night such as a nipple shield, snacks, and nursing pads.
  1. Nurse lying down. This can be a game changer. Lying down allows you to rest and possibly get a couple extra minutes of sleep. Practice nursing while lying down during the day to become comfortable with the technique. The more comfortable you are during a nursing session, the more rest you will receive.
  2. Keep a nightlight. Keep a nightlight in your bedroom or hallway so you don’t have to turn on any bright lights. It can be dangerous walking in the pitch black with a baby, but turning on a light may cause your baby to become very alert. A dim light will help you and your baby stay drowsy enough to fall back asleep safely.
  3. Nurse first then change their diaper. The calmer the environment is the better sleep you and your baby will have. I have found that changing a crying baby’s diaper followed by nursing only causes them to become awake and alert. Quickly soothing your baby’s hungry tummy and then changing a diaper allows them to stay drowsy. If you’re lucky they may even sleep through the diaper change.
  4. Make it quick. Figure out your routine and try to get your baby back down as fast as you can. I found keeping my daughter by the bed in a basinet the first couple months allowed us minimal awake time at night.

Putting some thought into your nighttime feedings during the day will pay off. Be creative and figure out what works best for you and your baby and let us know what other tips you find useful for nighttime nursing.

Welcome to Mom Monday, I’m so glad you’re here!
I’m Emily and currently chasing after a rambunctious 2-year-old, Elsy, and a sweet spirited 6-month-old, Avenly. Hopefully the information shared here will help fill you with as much joy on your nursing journey as I have received in mine.


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