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5 Chic Short Cuts for Moms’ Hair- Anytime, Anywhere!

Posted by Wendy Wright on

Have a fabulous, functional, yet comfortable outfit? Check! Basic but pretty accessories? Check! Flawless hair? Not so much. No need to worry-if you’re crunched for time. Follow these 5 simple suggestions to guarantee chic hair in a short amount of time.

Jeweled Headband

Nothing makes a slicked back ‘do more beautiful than a stretchy jeweled headband. It conceals greasy locks and holds fly away pieces in place with ease. You can even use it to create a Boho vibe and add it to straight and styled hair (allow it to sit across the top of your forehead).

Messy Waves

Beachy waves are always in. Don’t have tons of time to create them with a heated styling tool? Simply part your hair into several sections and loosely braid your hair. Spritz the braids a few times with a sea salt spray and a touch of hair spray. When you hair is pretty much dry, blast your blow dryer for a few minutes to set the waves. Simply untie the elastics and run your fingers through your cute crinkles.

Knotted Headband

I love these cute headbands because they are overly easy to use (simply add to down or pulled back hair) and create the illusion of fabric that was intricately tied to create the perfect knot. This is a must have hair style for brunch with the ladies or shopping with the kiddos.

Faux Fur Scrunchie

Scrunchies have actually made a huge comeback in the last few years. One of the neatest ones that I’ve seen (and that is totally ideal to wrap up winter months) is made of fur. It’s soft, puffy, textured, and fun. What an awesome way to showcase your style and jump on an easy accessory trend! Wrap one around a low pony today.

Twist Front Headband

These thick headbands serve a duo purpose. They are thick enough to keep hair pulled out of you face and eyes (plus they help hide your hair if you haven’t washed it yet), but they can also keep year ears warm if you’re going to be out and about on chilly winter days thanks to its thicker fabric.

When in doubt (or if utterly pressed for time), spritz hair with a few blasts of dry shampoo and give one of these items or styles a try to ensure your hair always looks great, even if you don’t have lots of time to spare.

Thanks Heather Aulisio for this fab blog post! 


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