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What is a Billy Goat Mom?

Posted by Wendy Wright on

Billy Goat Baby Gear, a Denver-based company, is infusing joy, excitement and creativity into everything they produce. How do they do this you might ask?  They have a team of real life moms supporting their brand and blog to bring the best products and conversations to their customers and blog subscribers.  The 16 Minute Club includes their fabulous bibs in our boxes - designed by moms for moms - when curating I'm always drawn to products produced by moms - they get it and design the best new items for the rest of us to try.   As we head into the weekend I encourage you to stop by their blog and read some of their insightful and creative content.  Also, I just love their Billy Goat logo - can't get enough of him!   If you have received a bib we would love to see photos of your darling little one in their Billy Goat Gear - please share!

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