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Worried about your milk supply? Give CHOCOLATE MilkFlow a try!

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I'm so excited to announce a special offering from UpSpring Baby - we will be placing a sample packet of their latest milkflow flavor (CHOCOLATE!) in the next 200 boxes we ship!!

What is milkflow? 

Whether you're a new mom who's anxious about breastfeeding or returning to work and stressed about pumping, we're here to help. Milkflow is a concentrated blend of natural herbal extracts including fenugreek and blessed thistle known as galactagogues that help promote healthy breast milk supply.* Fenugreek and blessed thistle have long been a go-to for breastfeeding moms. Throw in some anise, beets and carrots and you have milkflow.

  • Fenugreek and blessed thistle to stimulate milk production*
  • Herbal supplement in Berry or new Chocolate-flavored, all natural drink mix
  • Convenient to drink, only twice a day. Hydrating alternative to up to 12 pills per day.
  • Recommended by doctors and lactation consultants
  • Pairs well with Milkmulti Postnatal Vitamin

*This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

A recent reviewer on Amazon had this to say "I had it with milk last night (tasted amazing) and it worked an hour later. I pumped 10 oz in 25 minutes and lately I was struggling to pump 5. Then I put it in my coffee this morning and it again, tasted amazing. Within an hour, my breasts began to actually LEAK! The baby is nearly 4 months old and about a month ago my supply started depleting because he wouldn't latch due to using bottles at daycare.  Now I'm going to keep nursing and definitely purchasing this product again and again!"

Please let us know what you think of this fabulous new offering for breastfeeding moms!  


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