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Workout Wednesday: How Activity Trackers Can Help You Lose Baby Weight

Posted by Danielle Gallagher on

When it comes to weight loss, every little bit helps. An activity tracker is a great tool to use while you’re trying to lose baby weight. When used properly, an activity tracker is like having your own private personal trainer. It motivates you and keeps track of your progress.

How To Make The Most Of A Fitness Tracker

There are a few ways to make your fitness tracker the perfect weight loss tool. Not all activity trackers are created equally, so some of these tips might not apply to yours.

  1. Wear it all day long

This tip is more important for moms than it is anyone else. Throughout your day, you probably walk a lot more than you think. All of that time spent walking your little one in the stroller counts as calories burned, so you might as well keep track of it. The same goes for all of the running you do as you run around the house doing a spot clean. It all adds up.

  1. Pay attention to your heart rate

When you’re exercising, your heart rate is very important. Use your activity tracker to monitor your heart rate and keep it at your target heart rate. Most activity trackers will even tell you what your target heart rate is.

  1. Use your activity log for motivation

Don’t just ignore the data that your fitness tracker collects. When you can, take the time to review it. Make it your goal to increase the amount of calories you burn after a certain amount of time. If you jogged as your workout, try to improve on your mile time every session.

You might even find that using the tracker is enough motivation to push yourself. Even if you don’t look at the numbers you log, just knowing that it’s being recorded could push you to another level.

  1. Take advantage of all the features

Activity trackers have some really interesting features. Some fitness trackers allow you to input your meals, calculating the calories you eat in a day. Others let you track your weight, making it easy to notice your improvement. Why not use all of the features?

The only one you may want to avoid using is the sleep tracker. If you’re like me and have a baby who doesn’t sleep well, your sleep numbers might send you into a spiral of depression.

 Hi Everyone!  I'm Danielle, and I'm a little bit of a fitness nut.  Since having my 1-year old son, working out has been a little more difficult.  Between breastfeeding and running around with a baby who does not EVER sit still, I've had to learn how to workout a whole new way.  Join me on Workout Wednesdays as I share my post-baby workout tips.  You can learn how to get (or stay) healthy while you juggle being SuperMom! 

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