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Fashion Friday: Style Tips for Mommy and Baby Photos

Posted by Heather Aulisio on

So, I’ve heard that one picture is worth a thousand words. When it comes to photographing you and your baby, this is totally true! But, I’m certainly not a model and neither is my child. It took us a few tries to really get the photo sessions down pat. Here are some style tips that have really helped me get gorgeous mom and tot pictures.

Tip #1-More is More

The traditional saying is, “Less is more.” But I totally think more is more when it comes to getting a great shot. I really dress my son to the nines by adding adorable accessories. It helps him stand out and really adds emphasis to any picture. He always has a hat, sunglasses, tie, suspenders, or other essential accessory on (or sometimes all of them). I too amp up my jewels and gems, and I make sure everything I’m adding to my outfit pops and sparkles.

Tip #2-Covet Contrast

Matchy-matchy never looks great in photos. It borders on boring and it even blends everyone in the photo together. Always go for complementary yet contrasting colors. You can figure out colors that complement yet contrast by viewing a color wheel. You never want to wear colors that are directly next to each other. Always wear colors across from each other on the wheel. So, by dressing in Kelly green, navy blue, and adding a pop of bright pink (totally sounds crazy, but photographs beautifully); you can ensure each color can stand on its own, but they all won’t clash in a photo.

Tip #3-Polish, Polish, Polish

One mistake that I once made (but will never make again) is putting shoes on my son without polishing them. I was so into styling his outfit, that I didn’t pay attention to the heels and tips of his shoes. They were totally scuffed up and it took away from the picture overall. Thoroughly check out shoes and other accessories like silver or gold bracelets that may need a bit of cleaning and polishing.

Tip #4-Embrace Your Curves, Don’t Hide Them

It’s true-the camera can add some excess weight to your form. It really depends on which angle your photographer is shooting from. So, one mistake I never make is wearing something that is not form fitting. Some maxi dresses can make you look like you’re wearing a tent; as can some kinds of loose fitting tops and blouses. Always tuck tops in and wear something that hugs your curves rather than skims over them.

Follow these four tips and I ensure you, you’ll love your mom and baby photo!


My name is Heather.  In addition to being a writer and mom to my 13 month old son, Matthew; I am elementary teacher.  I also have a deep love for fashion and think that all moms can look and feel their best because it's important to take care of ourselves so we can take the best care of our little ones!

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