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5 Chic Short Cuts for Moms’ Hair- Anytime, Anywhere!

Have a fabulous, functional, yet comfortable outfit? Check! Basic but pretty accessories? Check! Flawless hair? Not so much. No need to worry-if you’re crunched for time. Follow these 5 simple suggestions to guarantee chic hair in a short amount of time. Jeweled Headband Nothing makes a slicked back ‘do more beautiful than a stretchy jeweled headband. It conceals greasy locks and holds fly away pieces in place with ease. You can even use it to create a Boho vibe and add it to straight and styled hair (allow it to sit across the top of your forehead). Messy Waves Beachy...

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Va-Va-Voom! Vamp things up for Valentine’s Day - Heather

A baby can cause some serious crinkles in time spent with your partner. And, if multiple children are thrown into the mix, Valentine’s Day may often be a forgotten holiday. But, not this year! This year, make it a point to make your hunny a priority and book a baby sitter. On your special night out, you can really vamp things up for your Valentine. Here’s how! Tip 1-Boast Some New Lingerie Just because you’re nursing doesn’t mean you can’t give your special bras a break for a bit. Check out This trendy new line of maternity lingerie leaves...

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Exclusively Pumping

If you are having trouble breastfeeding, or if you have decided that breastfeeding isn’t what you want to do, then pumping your breasts and providing your baby with expressed breastmilk may be a solution for you. While pumping and feeding breastmilk by bottle is a temporary practice for some mother baby pairs, other moms have successfully chosen exclusively pumping for the entirety of your breastfeeding relationship. Here are some tips to make the best of it if you decide to exclusively pump breastmilk for your baby. Get the best pump for you. This may mean renting a hospital grade electric...

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Fashion Friday: When it Rains, Pull Out a Fab Umbrella!

Fashionable Rainy Day Outfits and Accessories for Mom (and Baby) When it rains, it pours. But, you don’t have to let the weather get you down (or put a damper on your ensemble). Read on to learn about and view some fabulous rainy weather wear for yourself and your little one! Oversized Umbrella One accessory you simply need is an oversized umbrella. This one is my favorite because it’s pretty, but also pretty functional. It’s super-sized so your little one won’t get wet, and it even allows you to go hands-free thanks to its unique design. Simply sling it on...

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Dealing with a Plugged Duct

What is a plugged duct? A plugged duct is a buildup of milk in the breast that may be caused by blockage of a nipple pore (perhaps from a milk blister or healing cracks), or may be deeper in a duct in the breast and cause by milk stasis. Plugged ducts can be caused by a sudden decrease in milk removal or abrupt changes in nursing patterns, engorgement, thrush, and pressure on the breast (from a bra, for example). If you’ve recently been ill, your risk of a plugged duct increases. What are the symptoms? The soreness of a plugged...

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